Having appropriate footwear is very important in assisting foot and ankle pain. It is advisable to wear good well structured and supportive footwear. Those which are laced and have a suitable wide sole tend to be more comfortable (e.g. running trainer, brogue, block wedged heel). 

If you are experiencing foot and ankle pain you may find that wearing flat soled shoes (e.g ballet pumps) or walking barefoot will exacerbate your symptoms; therefore it is advisable that if you do have ongoing pain to increase the amount of time spent in structured supportive shoes. 


In some instances shop bought insoles can be useful, in the conditions mentioned for foot and ankle pain, if your symptoms fail to resolve with footwear advice and exercises. Simple orthotics can be purchased at most pharmacies and can be worth trialling as an adjunct. 

It is important to note that whilst feeling a little strange at first orthotics should not be uncomfortable and difficult to tolerate; they should start to feel comfortable after a few times of wearing them.