Ankle injury/Sprained Ankle

Ankle pain can occur due to many different things.  

The most common are ankle sprains. Ankle Sprains are an extremely common injury. Usually once the initial pain and swelling settles then it becomes easier to walk on your ankle, but it still might feel like it is weak or unstable.  

This is often due to reduced balance, and with some exercises and time, will resolve. To help you can work through three stages – the first stage exercises is to help with stiffness, the second to build up strength and the third build up balance. 

You might not have sprained or injured your ankle but have some ankle pain – this is likely due to a previous injury or due to lack of the body’s awareness on what is occurring at your foot and ankle (also known as proprioception) exercises at stage 2 and 3 will help this.  

Ankle Sprains

If you have sprained your ankle then there are several things that can help in the first few days following injury. The RICE principle helps to reduce swelling and pain and is best applied  in the first 5 days or so.

R– Rest – This should be relative rest – try to ease back on any aggravating sporting activities such as running or long walks until the pain, bruising and swelling has reduced.
I- Ice – The use of ice/cold compress with an ice pack or frozen vegetables, (wrapped in a sheet or thin tea towel) will help reduce the swelling. Apply this for no longer then 20minutes at a time. Do not place ice directly onto the skin
C-Compression – Use of a support bandage can help with swelling particularly when moving around.
E– Elevation – When there is some swelling present resting your foot on cushions and elevating the bottom of your bed slightly  can help with swelling.

Exercise pdfs for ankle

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Please note -
These are general exercises, seek advice if you are unsure.