Knee injuries

Knee Ligament and meniscus (cartilage) injuries

Knee ligament injuries  

Whilst knee ligaments are commonly injured during sport it is quite uncommon to injury a ligament in everyday life. A significant degree of trauma is required to injure a ligament and this specific trigger/ injury will most certainly be remembered Knee ligaments are injured by swinging your legs out of bed or getting up from a chair. 

Cartilage (meniscal) Injuries 

The meniscus are 2 separate cusps of cartilage that act as shock absorbers within the knee joint. 

Cartilage tears are often heard to occur within professional sportsmen and women. Younger patients will however need to sustain a significant force to injure the meniscus. If this has occurred, then surgery is often required to allow a person to return to their sport.  Strengthening exercises before, after or in place of surgery is highly advisable, click here for exercises.

Once over the age of 45 years however a different type of meniscal tear is far more common. This is more likely to be a “degenerative tear” and related to a fragile meniscus that has occurred overtime with early stages of osteoarthritis. It is well accepted nowadays however that unless the tear in a degenerative meniscus is causing the knee to lock or give way, then surgery to remove the cartilage will be avoided to preserve the cartilage as much as possible. Strengthening the knee as much as possible can help reduce symptoms experienced.

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