Ankle Instability – Returning to Sport  

If you are thinking of returning to playing sport then choosing 2-3 of the below exercises to complete regularly prior to your return (and ensuring that you can do them with good control and no symptoms) can certainly help.   

You should be able to complete the stage 2 exercises (Link to Ankle pain/injury/sprain page) well before trying to progress them.  If you are unable to progress, or your symptoms are persisting after 4-6 weeks then you we recommend that you see a health professional for further assessment 

If you have ongoing feelings of instability in your ankle or lack confidence in the stability of your ankle, then these stage 3 exercises should help you further. It can take several months of regular rehab before you start to see or feel improvement. If you are struggling to carry them out due to ongoing pain and symptoms, or to participate in rehab fully, you may need a further assessment from a health professional

Ankle Instability - Returning to Sport Exercise Leaflet and Videos

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Please note -
These are general exercises, seek advice if you are unsure.

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