STarT Back

STarT Back” is an example of a stratified care approach to back pain. It aims to identify the most appropriate treatments plan for an individual patient based upon on their risk of developing a chronic problem. 

The STarT Back approach uses a simple tool to match patients to treatment packages appropriate for them. This has been shown to: 

  • Significantly decrease disability from back pain 
  • Reduce time off work 
  • Save money by making better use of health resources 

Within Sunderland IMS, we use the The STarT Back screening tool, a simple questionnaire designed to help clinicians identify potential risk factors for back pain disability. It is a series of 9 questions in which patients agree or disagree with a statement. This allows the clinician to provide the matched treatment package according to their risk group. The approach has been shown to reduce back pain related disability in a cost-effective way. 

The questions will ideally have been asked by your GP or practice nurse at the time of referral. If the questionnaire hasn’t been completed, you may have been sent a copy in the post. Please complete this before calling our administration staff to book your appointment. By completing this as honestly as possible will allow us to identify the most appropriate clinician for your to be allocated an appointment with.

The STarT Back approach continues to be adopted across the UK and Internationally 

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