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 Information about the condition of Golfers Elbow is below:

  • Also known as medial epicondylalgia and medial elbow pain. 
  • Often exacerbated with repeated wrist bending (flexion) or twisting activities or the arm.  
  • Pain is located on the inside of the elbow. 
  • History of overload/overuse with gradual onset, however on occasion there may be onset with no definable history. Not just associated with playing golf. 
  • 75% of cases of golfers elbow occur in the dominant arm. 
  • More prevalent in manual workers / factory workers, or roles that involve repeated tasks. 
  • Duration of symptoms can vary between several weeks and several years and is often seen as a self-resolving condition. 
  • Most cases resolve within a 12-month period, although residual symptoms can often persist. Timescales can vary between individuals.  
  • Exercise and loading is proven to be the best treatment for Golfers elbow. 


  • Rest and modify your activities to avoid excess gripping or repeated wrist bending/twisting activities (this may involve changing activities at work etc.) 
  • Use pain relief medication such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen as tolerated to ease your pain and symptoms. (Please see your GP/Pharmacist if concerns about medication you can take). 
  • Avoid heavy lifting, or if carrying heavy items, keep them close to your body keeping elbows and wrists in a fixed position.  
  • Use an epicondyle clasp as required for short term relief as this can unload the tendon short term. You can use the clasp whilst undertaking the below exercises, as this may help with some of the pain. 
  • Injections are noted to provide short term benefit for pain; however they do not resolve the underlying tendon issue and long term they have poor outcomes and relapses of pain are very common (NICE TE Guidelines 2017) with associated risk of tendon rupture following steroid injections. 

A progression of loading exercises are required and described in the exercise attachment here  our youtube video also shows how these exercises should be done is below.