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Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) is a condition that causes pain and tenderness around the outer elbow joint. It is called tennis elbow because it commonly affects people who play racquet sports such as tennis or badminton.

The condition is also common amongst manual workers, although it can happen to anybody.

Usually, tennis elbow is caused by overusing the tendon that attaches your wrist muscles to your outer elbow joint.

Degeneration of this tendon causes microscopic tears to form, causing pain to occur around the outer elbow joint, usually across the part where the bone sticks out the most.

The condition can usually be self-managed easily at home. To read more about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of tennis elbow, download our patient information leaflet.


Dealing with Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is usually the result of overusing the tendon that attaches your wrist muscles to your outer elbow.

It is a condition that most people can easily self-manage at home, with the right combination of rest, changes in your activity levels, exercise, stretching and if necessary, painkillers.

Exercise demonstrations designed specifically to help ease the symptoms of tennis elbow can be seen in the following video.



Please note -
These are general exercises, seek advice if you are unsure.

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